Between September 20 and October 1, more than 166,000 energy activists, members and partners of the oil and gas industry, consumers and concerned citizens alike joined The National Virtual Rally for Jobs – calling on Congress to support smart energy policies that promote domestic resources, protect and create jobs, and enhance our energy security.

By adding their images to the virtual National Mall, tweeting their support or sending letters to their members of Congress, these individuals came together to tell Congress and the administration: if you're not focused on creating jobs, you're not doing your jobs!

Although the virtual rally has ended, the fight to secure our nation's energy and economic futures continues. To stand up for comprehensive, common sense energy policies, please visit one of the following social action networks:

Are you connected to the oil and natural gas industry?

Energy Nation

Energy Nation is a movement among America's oil and natural gas industry employees, retirees, vendors and suppliers. Our members support balanced, lasting solutions to our country's energy challenges and are working to advance smart energy policies that strengthen America's energy future, protect jobs and all them to continue providing the energy America needs.

Energy Citizens

Energy Citizens is a movement among energy activists, consumers and concerned citizens around the country who are committed to finding real-world solutions to our nation's energy challenges. Energy Citizens want to have an honest debate, share their concerns, and demand more from American leaders.