The energy industry provides 9.2 million jobs.

Throughout September, thousands of Americans assembled in cities across the nation call on government to support smart energy policies to protect American jobs, stimulate economic growth and keep American energy affordable and reliable. Now, through the National Virtual Rally for Jobs, we are bringing our message straight to lawmakers in Washington: Americans want jobs, not taxes!

We want smart energy policies that promote domestic resources, protect and create jobs, and enhance our energy security.

And we want our lawmakers to know that if they’re not focused on creating jobs, they’re not doing their jobs!

Help us carry our message straight to lawmakers in Washington. Visit the Rally for Jobs website Sept. 20 – 24 to:

  • Take part in a virtual march on the National Mall
  • Send letters to your Members of Congress
  • Voice your support through Facebook and Twitter
  • Upload personal photos and videos
  • Discover opportunities for continued involvement

Join us—because our voices count, our voices matter and they are critical to the future of American energy and prosperity.